Moon Animate, Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up! is a crowd sourced, group animation project that will re-animate a whole episode of Sailor Moon shot-by-shot in each artist's style! Check out our main post for details and to sign up: Information

Submissions: CLOSED

Moon Animate Make-Up!

Episode Preview: Vimeo

Dallas - Moon Animate Make-Up - 8/2

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We’re on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List for Monday!!

I forget if I shared this from GeekInsider, but thank you!

Thank you. :)

Hi Tumblr!

I’ve been updating more on Facebook since it’s a little easier when I’m out and about, but I haven’t forgotten about you!

Thank you so much for helping Moon Animate Make-Up get so many views and for all of your wonderful feedback! I’m still kind of reeling that this has gotten such an overwhelming positive reaction from around the globe! I’m trolling around Twitter right now and seeing tweets in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and so many other languages.

1) I am very interested in doing another animation collaboration again. I’ve got a few ideas I’m rolling around in my head, some Sailor Moon related, some not, but all of them pretty damn awesome. :D

2) The Press section on Tumblr’s page has been updated to link to news coverage of Moon Animate. There are a few international stories I’ll add later. If you find any others, don’t hesitate to send them my way. I’ve also added an Events page so you can see where you can attend Moon Animate screenings in your area.

3) I will be in New York City from August 14-20 and I’m trying to get a screening going there without having to drop too much cash for a venue. NY animators, if you know a venue or want to be part of it, shoot me an e-mail!

4) For SDCC attendees, I am so jealous I’m not there to party with you guys, but I hope you’re having a great time and you take lots of great pictures at the Viz panel. I don’t think I gave enough kudos to Viz for getting the ultimate prize of remastering all of Sailor Moon Classic. We’re getting Sailor Stars, you guys. SAILOR STARS!! (If someone can thank them for me, I’d appreciate it.) Hope to be there in 2015 with more animation!

5) For now, I need to let my arm rest because I’ve been getting to bed at 3am all this week from doing some edits and annotations and I’ve got this weird pain in my elbow that could be from my tendonitis. I’m going to work on the Vimeo edit this weekend. Right now, I gotta get changed for dinner.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Let’s hit a million!! Talk to you soon!!


travtrav87 So this just happened at the #gameofthrones beer launch party. #pedropascal posing with my #moonstick from #sailormoon

mother of god

I try to keep it on topic at Moon Animate Make-Up, but Game of Thrones fans, this apparently happened at Comic Con.


travtrav87 So this just happened at the #gameofthrones beer launch party. #pedropascal posing with my #moonstick from #sailormoon

mother of god

I try to keep it on topic at Moon Animate Make-Up, but Game of Thrones fans, this apparently happened at Comic Con.

(via potatofarmgirl)

Updating some annotations to reflect updated reels. Have I mentioned how my animators are so sweet and thoughtful and awesome it makes me want to burst? They are so awesome. :)

Dallas! One of our animators, Heather Williamee, is hosting a screening of Moon Animate Make-Up at the Dallas Makerspace. This is a free screening too and I so wish I could be there, but if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Texas area, you should go! Thank you for organizing this, Heather!

On the subject of screenings, there are a few I’d like to organize myself (Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles in particular). If you’d like to do a screening of Moon Animate, my only criteria are that you please e-mail me with the details first so I can promote it here and keep track of what’s going on where, and that the screening is free. 

Everyone who worked on Moon Animate did it in their spare time for free and I ask that you honor that. If any money is going to be charged, then it should only be if you need to rent out a venue. Charity drives, fundraisers, fan parties, personal pocketbooks, etc, are not okay. (Libraries and non-profit organizations are great locations to go with.) As long as it’s free and you give me a heads up, 9.5/10 I’ll probably be okay with it. 

On that note, I’m going to be in New York from August 14-20 and a Moon Animate screening will definitely be happening. Details to come soon. 

893,000+ views and counting! I love it!

Annotations are up! If you’d like to see who animated your favorite shot, you’ll now see their name and a link to their website/reel when you watch the episode. (Annotations might be updated if artists want to show a different page.) They also can’t be shorter than one second, so annotations for smash cuts might linger a little longer.

If you’re in San Diego for Comic Con, I hope you have an awesome time! May the lines move swiftly and pack protein bars! I hope to return next year!

What do you think, guys? Think we could hit that seventh digit? :)

For now, annotations are in the works!

I’ve gotten a few questions about this so I just want to say yes, I am going to try and add a Spanish language track to the episode. I need to finish the annotations first and the new render for Vimeo, but I need to make sure the timing matches up first. And if I’m planning on Spanish, then I might as well try for the Japanese audio too. :)

My original decision to go with the American dub was because I presumed most of the project’s animators would be English speaking since that’s my first language and I was promoting it on social media popular with English speaking crowds. (And also for that sweet, sweet 90s nostalgia.) I didn’t want any nuances in acting to be lost in translation if our animators weren’t bilingual, and so we wouldn’t wind up with a Godzilla dub. After seeing the overwhelming positive feedback, I think it’s safe to give it a shot.

Both Spanish and Japanese language tracks will take time to edit, but I hope to have them available soon. Thank you for your patience. :)