Moon Animate, Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up! is a crowd sourced, group animation project that will re-animate a whole episode of Sailor Moon shot-by-shot in each artist's style! Check out our main post for details and to sign up: Information

Submissions: CLOSED

Moon Animate Make-Up!

Episode Preview: Vimeo

Dallas - Moon Animate Make-Up - 8/2
Melbourne - Moon Animate Make-Up - 8/26
Seattle - Moon Animate Make-Up - 8/29
Los Angeles - Moon Animate Make-Up - 9/26

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A week before our 'CHILDHOOD' show at Nickelodeon studios, we’ll be screening Moon Animate, Make-Up! at our usual haunt, the Nerdmelt showroom. RSVP for FREE ENTRY!

First 5 people in costume through the door get a special sailor moon prize!

There’ll also be a Q&A with Kate Sullivan, the master mind behind the fan animated episode of sailor moon, and some of the animators involved. Yay!

Los Angeles! Prepare yourselves! And RSVP for free entry! And wear your best Sailor Moon gear because the five best Sailor Moon costumes are getting a SWEET prize! And after the show I’ll be rambling for a bit and taking questions about how all the shenanigans got put together. Can’t wait to see you all!



A week before our 'CHILDHOOD' show at Nickelodeon studios, we’ll be screening Moon Animate, Make-Up! at our usual haunt, the Nerdmelt showroom. RSVP for FREE ENTRY!

Loop de Loop is hosting a screening of Moon Animate Make-Up at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown on September 26! Doors are at 8:45pm! See you in L.A.!!


I feel like shit. Our management company violated our lease and let painters and cleaners in our apartment and a bunch of stuff got stolen. Most importantly my laptop and backup hard drive with 6 years worth of drawings on it.
If anyone sees a 15” MacBook retina with 16GB of RAM on it for sale in or around NYC please email or message me.

Off-topic from Moon Animate because (1) Randeep and Anne are two of my very good friends who had their belongings stolen and (2) I am very goddamn angry this happened to them.

Randeep and Anne are two of my friends in NYC. I met Randeep when he was a story artist at Blue Sky Studios, Anne is his awesome lady in IT, and they are two of the finest people I know. They were moving apartments (after dealing with jackass after jackass as many New Yorkers can attest), and their landlords had let the cleaners and painters into the unit they were in the process of moving out of, the day before their lease expired, and without notifying Randeep or Anne. They were only gone for three hours between leaving the apartment and coming back, but Randeep’s laptop was gone. Six years of art, photos, professional work, and memories disappeared. 

If you see a 15” MacBook retina with 16GB of RAM on it in the NYC area (Westchester and New Jersey too) that’s up for sale somewhere, please let us know ASAP. If you know any lawyers in the NYC area who specialize in this area, please let us know ASAP.

It’s today!! In Seattle!! Are you in town for PAX Dev and looking to party? Moon Animate Make-Up will be screened at Gamma Ray Games tonight, alongside the Nostalgic Animation Artshow curated by Rhodora Jacob! Show opens at 5pm and the screening is at 6pm followed by a Q&A! We’ll see you there!

Hey everyone! I have an interview in Toronto magazine Art Katalyst about Moon Animate Make-Up! There are print and digital copies available for purchase and it’s free to sign up for MagCloud to buy your copy. Support your local Torontonian indie artists! I got my digital copy and it looks so nice! Thank you, Leah!


LoopDeLoop Untied (Our off month screening of shorts and cool animated things) screened last night in chilly old Melbourne town, Australia. We took some photos.

1. Moon Animate, Make Up! screend - A scene from regular LoopDeLooper KClogg is pictured. 

2. Goofs in the booth - Neil Sanders, Creator of LoopDeLoop and Nathanael Scott, Mighty Processor of Loops.

3. Some cool people enjoying the show

4. Loop Bar in Meyers Place, Melbourne - LoopDeLoop’s home from the very beginning!

Thank you Loop de Loop crew for screening Moon Animate Make-Up down in Melbourne! I wish I could have been there, but I’m glad it was so well received and you enjoyed it as much as you did!

Melbourne! Moon Animate Make-Up is coming to your town next Tuesday as hosted by Loop de Loop! Wish I could be there, but please go have fun in my place!

In all my chattering about what inspired Moon Animate, I’ve completely blanked on mentioning the animation collaboration that really was the big motivator to prove this kind of project is possible.

Back in 2010, Bill Plympton, one of the coolest working indie animators, put the call out for animators to help re-animate his short film Guard Dog. Everyone who signed up got a shot to re-animate in their own style. This was the same year I completely blew out my drawing arm (take care of your wrist tendons, kids), but I was still taking on art projects out of a love of drawing and mild insanity.

The video linked to above is the animatic where you can see a screenshot of everyone’s shot. For those curious, this is my shot, slammed together at zero hour after a gentle reminder e-mail from one of Plympton’s assistants if I was still going to send them something. It’s only now I can look at it and not cringe. 

Bill, thank you for planting the seed of inspiration for Moon Animate and continuing to be one of the most inspiring animators out there!

Thank you Katie and Shaggy Shanahan for taking the time to interview me about Moon Animate Make-Up! They are such fun, nice, awesome people and it was so great getting to talk to them! We talked about how I used Tumblr to recruit, how I kept track of my shot list, the early days as an anime fan, Legend of Korra, Ranma 1/2, future crowdsourced projects, Bartkira, how Sailor Moon as an action series changed my point of view, how I assigned shots, possible dubs, why we love animation reels and dislike university e-mails, and a whole bunch of other great subjects I love talking about. It’s a really fun chat and I hope sheds a light on how I put the project together. :)


Join us for Shanahanigans Live tonight at 8pm ET, as we talk with producer / editor of “Moon Animate Make-Up!”, Kate Sullivan.

G+ (to watch and chat):

YouTube (to watch)

Moon Animate Make-Up!:

Hey everyone! I’ll be doing an interview with the Shanahans tonight at 8pm EST on Google Plus!